Our Vision

Dr. Manzoor Eye Care Centre has been involved in providing eye care in Kashmir Valley for about 50 Years. Dr. Manzoor Eye Care Centre aims to be an centre of excellence in the field of eye care. We are committed to serve people of Kashmir by providing them with latest, effective, economic medical and surgical eye care delivered with the human touch.

Our Mission

To achieve our Vision, we shall be guided by

  • Operational excellence to meet expectation of our patient.
  • Provide comprehensive range of cost effective, high quality eye care.
  • Participate in and develop World class research and teaching programme.
  • Develop and implement employment policies that attract and retain highly trained staff, and also recognize their contribution to the success of the organization.

Our Values

  • Trust – Be honest & sincere in all our action & honour our word.
  • Respect – Treat everyone as we would want like to be treated.
  • Team Work – Communicate openly, respect diversity of view, work effectively as a team to deliver best outcome for patients.
  • Passion – Be enthusiastic & committed to our ‘Vision’.
  • Integrity – Act ethically to maintain patient confidentiality.