World-Class Optical Outlet

Apart from World-class Eye care surgeries, and treatments, Dr Manzoor Eye Care Centre also have a full spacious Optical Outlet, to give you the best choice of prescription glasses and sunglasses. Apart from these, we've also got an exclusive Contact Lenses Program to dispense, and train, contact lens users..Conveniently located within our centre, Sharp Sight Optics carries an inventory of a wide variety of frames for men, women and children. We offer contemporary, classic and designer frames. Our trained opticians help you to select the best type of lenses for your new frames. We offer the best products at competitive prices because we know that old technology has been made obsolete for a reason.

Eyeglass Lens Options

We provide proven lens designs for single vision and multifocal lenses as well as the newest lens technology available today including Crizal UV lenses for computer users to reduce eye strain, Progressive bifocal lenses for bank employees, doctors and other professionals whose job demands distant, intermediate and near simultaneously. High quality photochromatic lenses (transition) are also available for protection from sunlight. Ultra light, scratch resistant, unbreakable poly corbonate lenses are available for children and high powers. Our Doctors and the Optical Gallery staff work together to make sure we give our patients the best options for all of their optical needs.We believe by offering a wide variety of lens designs, tints and materials every patient is treated as an individual to ensure all of their vision lifestyle needs and met.

Fashion Frames for the Latest Look

We have wide range of the latest fashion frames including Gucci, Cartier, D & G, Armani, Rayban, Puma, Tagheur.There is more to consider than just fashion. Think about your unique lifestyle needs. While purchasing glasses, Think about your unique lifestyle needs. Do your wear your glasses at work? Do you work at computer? Are you involved in athletic activities? Do you need sunglasses as well as eyeglasses?

Eyeglass Frames

Our frame offerings change because we are always shopping for the best combination of style, craftsmanship and price. Frame selection is an important element for seeing well and enjoying how you look with glasses. The staff at Sharp Sight Optics Eyes takes the time to recommend the right lens materials, designs and frame shape to enhance the visual experience with your new glasses. Once your correct prescription for eyeglasses is determined, you can then choose the best frame for you. Our opticians will help you decide which frame is optimal according to your visual needs, style preferences and lens design.

Dr Manzoor Eye Care Centre

How long will it take to receive my eyewear?

Depending on your prescription, most orders usually take at least a week or less. Many orders with special materials, features, or certain frames may take longer. Our goal is high quality work, delivered as promptly as possible.

´╗┐Why should I purchase my eyewear at Sharp Sight Optics?

We work as a team with your Ophthalmologist and Optometrist to meet your vision needs. All prescription lenses must first pass a 26 point inspection before they are dispensed to our patients. Lab work that does not meet our requirements is rejected. Our goal is to deliver only work that meets our stringent standards. We believe in continuing the relationship of trust that you have with your doctor.