What Is Laser Vision Correction?

LASIK or Laser assisted in situ keratomileusis is a type of refractive laser eye surgery used to correct vision errors like myopia (near sightedness), hyperopia (far sightedness) and astigmatism (cylindrical power). LASIK reshapes the cornea by using laser beam to alter its curvature.

How does LASIK procedure work?

LASIK is a computer aided procedure. It essentially involves 3 steps:

  • STEP 1: Thin flap is created in the outer layer of cornea using an instrument known as microkeratome or by femto second laser.
  • STEP 2: Next, the flap is lifted & folded. An excimer Laser reshapes the cornea by removing a predetermined precise amount of inner corneal tissue to correct irregularities.
  • STEP 3: Finally the flap is repositioned back into its original place where it quickly gets reattached within few minutes without any stitches. Patient begins to notice significant improvement in vision within a few hours.

 Will LASIK hurt?

In the hands of expert surgeon, LASIK does not hurt & is a painless procedure. Your eyes will be numbed with simple anesthetic drops & u will be comfortable during the procedure. You may feel pressure over your eyes for a few seconds but no pain.

How long does the procedure takes?

It just takes 10-15 minutes for both eyes.

Can the procedure be performed on both eyes together?

Yes, LASIK is usually performed on both eyes simultaneously.

How quickly will I be able to see?

Following LASIK, within an hour you shall start seeing better than your uncorrected pre-operative vision, but as the eye heals, the vision gets better within 7 days.

 What are the risks?

While no surgery is risk free, LASIK is no exception. Problems are rare, however, and most can be handled. All patients will experience some degree of dry eyes, fluctuation of vision and night time haloes. Most of these go away within 2-3 months. All these side effects can be minimized by choosing only qualified patients for the procedure & by thorough post-operative follow-up care.

How long should I take off work?

You just need to take 2 days off & take precaution while working on computer to blink more frequently & wear goggles during outdoor work.

Is LASIK permanent?

In majority cases, LASIK is permanent. However in a small percentage of cases especially with high spectacles power and thinner corneas residual refractive error may occur which can be corrected by retreatment or enhancement.

What are the restrictions following LASIK surgery?

You can return to your daily routine the very next day. Sun glasses should be worn while going outdoor. Avoid rubbing your eyes for a few weeks. You can watch TV or work on the computer next day.

What if LASIK is not suitable for me?

While most people are good candidates for LASIK, approximately 10% of people are determined not to be the right candidates due to corneal thinning or other medical conditions. Such people have no reason to lose hope. Alternate treatment option like Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK), Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) or Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) are performed in such patients for spectacle free life.