Dr Manzoor Eye Care Centre

Our state Of Art Equipment

Laurette World Phaco Machine (USA)

It is used to perform Micro Incision Cataract (Phaco) surgery. Our centre was the first in J&K to acquire this machine.This machine helps to remove cataract safely..

Excimer Laser (Alcon, Germany)

Excimer Laser is used For LASIK Laser vision correction. It is one of the World’s fastest, safest and most accurate excimer laser. It can correct myopia, hypermetropia etc.

Corneal Topography (Germany)

It is used to measure the curvature and surface irregularities of the cornea which aids in diagnosis of Keratoconus. It is used as a part of pre-LASIK work-up .

OCT (Optivue , USA)

Our OCT machine is one of the most advanced OCT machines in the world.It is used to diagnose Glaucoma and Retinal edema in diabetics.

Operating microscope (Ziess, Germany)

For performing micro surgical procedures like cataract surgery. It is fitted with a high resolution digital camera .

Optical Biometry

It is used to accurately calculate the power of intraocular lens before Cataract Surgery and to make calculation before ICL implantation.

Automated Perimeter (APPA, India)

It is used to diagnosis & monitor effect of treatment in glaucoma. It is also used to diagnose brain tumours (pituitary adenoma).

3D B- Scan ultrasonography unit (Italy)

For diagnosis of retinal detachment, Vitreous hemorrhage, infection (endophthalmitis), tumours within the eyeball.

Pachymeter (Optikon, Italy)

Pachymeter is used to measure corneal thickness which aids in diagnosis of glaucoma & Keratoconus.

YAG Laser (Appa, India)

YAG Laser is used to perform capsulotomy after Cataract surgery and to perform Iridotomy as treatment of Glaucoma.

Digital Fundus Camera

It is used for Fluorescein angiobiography to diagnose diabetic retinopathy. ARMD, Retinal Vitreo occlusion..

Green Laser

Green Laser is used for laser photocoagulation of retina to treat Diabetic retinopathy, retinal Vitreo occlusion and retinal tumors.

Micro Kerotome

It is used to create a thin corneal flap during procedure. Our MicroKerotome is the safest and fastest Keretome,

UV-Light For Collagen

It Is Used to perform collagen cross linkage procedure .Our Centre is the only Centre in the valley to perform accelerated C3R.

Non- Contact tonometer (Keeler, U. K)

Fast & accurate measurement of intraocular pressure without touching the eye.It is used to diagnose and treat Glaucoma.

Auto Refractometer

Auto refract is used to measure the refractive Error (myopia, hypermetropia) within 2-3 seconds. Also Measures the Corneal Curvature.

Pediatric Auto Refractometer

It is the latest equipment to measure refractive errors in children without touching the eye and without using any dilation drops.


Synaptophere is used to diagnose Squint. Synaptophere is also used to treat Lazy Eye (Amblyopic).

Indirect Ophthalmoscope( Keeler, U.K)

Indirect Ophthalmoscope is used to visualize the retina for detection of detachment, tumours, hemorrhage, foreign body.

A-Scan Biometer ( Biomedix, USA)

This immersion biometer is the most accurate method of calculating the power of the intraocular lens .